I'm a daughter, sister, wife, mother & friend. Oh and yes, of course, I'm also a photographer! But it's only because of all of those special relationships and life bonds that make photography so important to me. People sometimes ask me if I will photograph their corporate headshot, or their model portfolio, or even take photos of a product line for an e-commerce site. While I am always flattered to be considered for any photography job, in these cases I kindly refer them to other specialists. Why? Because for me I always end up with one lingering question in my head- 'Where are the 'moments' in that kind of work?'

The moment he proposes, the moment she says 'I do', the moment that accidental first newborn smile emerges. The loving look a mom gives to her child, or the moment a brother surprises a sister with a bear hug...these are the moments that transform just a simple 'photo' into a real memory, something you want to hold on tight to forever, something that isn't just another shutter 'click', but instead becomes a personal work of art for your home. 

As life tends to remind us all too often, time moves so quickly and stops for no one. A child's youth can flash by in the blink of an eye, a wedding planned for months and months goes by in less than a day. So let's at least make sure you have some beautiful photos of these fleeting moments to remember for years to come while you are off creating the next milestone and memory!